The Operating System for Global Trade

We are MatarStars and we’re 4th partner - forwarder who support merchants in dealing of transporting procedures, and managing these activities in a powerful technology platform.

The Operating System for Global Trade

Forwarding solutions with deep visibility and control

Ocean Freight

Get Real-Time Visibility and Sail With Trusted Partners

Ground transportation

Connect, Real-Time Updates, Transparent Pricing

About MatarStars

Forwarding solutions with deep visibility and control

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to change the current outdated system of forwarding business in South East Asia that is proven inefficient and costly by creating a better platform that is able to connect all parties together into one single and advanced operating platform. With this solution, we aim to solve one of the biggest pain points in logistics that is empty spaces while returning.

Only One Platform

MatarStars and the operating platform for domestic and global trade bring together technology, infrastructure, and expertise to deliver real-time visibility and control, and a far better forwarding experience for our customers.

Advanced Technology

In our operating platform, it connects all the parties in both domestic and global trade – importers, exporters, trucking companies, ocean carriers, airlines, custom agencies, port terminals – through a single, secure cloud-based platform.

Ground transportation

Tools That Connect You With Trucking Partners

On the platform, trucking partners and companies can proactively schedule shipment pickups and deliveries, digitally confirm pickups and deliveries, and provide digital proof of delivery (PODs). And all actions are updated in real-time, giving you actionable data to communicate directly with MatarStars and your team whenever necessary.

Real-Time Updates on Destination Trucking

Whether your cargo is unloaded from a ship or plane, MatarStars’ platform and operations teams ensure our trucking partners have instant access to the information they need to ensure your cargo is delivered on time

Skip the Reconciliation Hassle With Transparent Pricing

Trucking rates and fees can be an invoice reconciliation nightmare with traditional forwarders. MatarStars provides line-by-line breakdowns of any and all charges, so invoices and quotes align, saving your team time and energy.

Ocean shipping

Get Real-Time Visibility and Sail With Trusted Partners

From simple FCL shipments to splitting LCL shipments to multiple destinations. MatarStars has direct contracts across all majors alliances, ensuring your cargo sails on the schedules you need with carriers you can trust. And with MatarStars’ network of GPS tracked vessels and third-party Data, you get greater end-to-end visibility.

Shipments That Fit Your Business

No matter which service you choose, you’ll always get the same convenience, visibility, and flexibility from MatarStars’ services

Custom brokerage

Industry Expertise Powered by Technology

Our customs team is licensed with decades of experience and ready to help you navigate the complexities of global trade. And with cloud storage for all your trade transaction documents, as well as real-time collaboration and updates, you’ll always know the location and status of your cargo wherever they are.

Customs Filings You Can Count On

Submitting key documents late or with inaccuracies can result in delays, inspections, fees, and fines. Our technology platform enables seamless coordination and provides all stakeholders with real-time, actionable alerts to ensure documents are submitted on time, keeping your shipments on schedule and on budget.

Know Your Goods Are Classified Correctly

Before importing a product, you must identify its Harmonized System (HS) Code to calculate related duties, tariffs, and other taxes. Our customs team serves as your second line of defense, helping to validate product classifications to prevent costly mistakes and ensure your goods arrive at their destination compliantly.

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