Automated, precise, cost-saving and always on time

Our goal is to disrupt the logistics industry in Vietnam by applying 4.0 advanced technologies.

Vision and Mission

Automated, precise, cost-saving and always on time.

Our mission is to create an easy-to-use clouding logistics management platform that make the job of transporters become more effective and efficient.

MatarStars Solutions

Automated fleet management using Artificial intelligence solution


Automated end-to-end delivery tracking


Statistically analyzing the entire delivery process into data reports for easy analytics


Auto-detecting driver behavior for reporting during delivery process

Real-time notification

Real-time notification/warning about the issues during delivery process..

The benefits

The benefits of AI fleet management

Reducing transportation cost: At least 5%

Maximizing transportation capacity and efficiency

Optimizing administration system: End-to-end delivery tracking and entire delivery process controlling with statistical reports

Reducing risk by realtime tracking, warning and driver scoring mangement system


MatarStars Team Member

Duc Vu


Tung Vu


Nam Hoai


Hajime Hirose

Advisor and Investor

Hajime Hotta

Advisor and Investor

Linh Han

BOD, Advisor and Investor

Gibs Song

BOD, Advisor and Investor